Other Literary Happenings Around Hampton Roads


Ever think about self-publishing a book using CreateSpace? Maybe you have hesitated because you were nervous about the expertise needed to digitally format the manuscript to look professional.

The Writers Guild of Virginia announces a two-part class in formatting for CreateSpace taught by Jeanne Johansen . The class teaches formatting using MS Word so that an author can see how her or his book will look once it is published. In the drafting stage the author will still be able to edit and move paragraphs around. Once the draft is done, it can be converted to a pdf version for publication.

The first session will be held at the Deltaville library on Saturday, October 29th from 10:30-1:00, and the second session will be held Saturday, November 5th from 10:30-1:00. Participation is limited to five students and advanced registration is required. This is a hands-on class and requires you bring your laptop. You must have a working knowledge of MS Word. There is a $30 charge that includes both sessions.

To register please go to the Writers Guild of Virginia Web site: www.WGV.com or email David Cariens at DaveCariens@wgvirginia.com.


Introduction to Fiction Writing class forming.

This weekly class is for both those looking to begin writing fiction, and for those with some experience of writing looking to establish a firm writing practice. We will cover everything from the centrality of story to the emergent mysteries of style, as well as the beginnings of craft and a good writing work ethic, the fundamentals of editing, and the basics of preparing yourself for submitting your work, and surviving being published. I am going to be establishing an ongoing fiction writing workshop, which will be focused on works-in-progress with full editorial attention, and this class is the prerequisite for taking part in that, but the emphasis here will be on setting a solid foundation for your fiction writing, and the basics of getting your story seeds planted, sprouted, and nourished through every weather the writing life brings.

The class will meet at the Williamsburg Public Library on a week night. For details, please contact Tim Farrington (252) 362-2252/ or visit email him at tim_farrington@msn.com.

Tim Farrington is the author of half a dozen novels, including The Monk Downstairs, a New York Times Notable Book of the Year, and Lizzie’s War, and a nonfiction book, A Hell of Mercy. He has taught at The Muse Writing Center in Norfolk, VA, and in the Masters Fiction Workshop for Zyzzyva magazine.


Spoken Word Open Mic

The Victorian Tea Station in Hampton (36 North Mallory Street, Hampton, VA 23663) hosts a Spoken Word Open Mike on Weds, at 7pm. If you have a book, bring it to promote. If you are unpublished, come on out and read your stuff! Please call for more information--(757) 723-5663 or call Mark Greene at 757-239-0240.


Westhampton Community Center Music and Poetry (OPEN MIC) Night--the third Thursday of every month at 7 PM. West Hampton Community Center, 1638 Briarfield Road, Hampton, VA 23661. They're always looking for entertainers and listeners


The Muse Writers Center in Norfolk, Virginia (VA)

Classes at The Muse Writers Center

The Muse Writers Center in Norfolk is Hampton Roads’ own literary center, featuring more than 60 creative and creative writing classes and seminars geared for beginners to professionals in each of its three yearly sessions. The nonprofit school and resource center also makes it a goal to never turn a student away because of finances and provides tuition assistance to hundreds of students each year. Genres taught include: fiction, poetry, memoir, nonfiction, screenplay, multi-genre writing, journaling, writers craft & development, cookbooks, new media, graphic novel, standup comedy, improv comedy, sketch comedy, and songwriting, as well as classes for teen writers.

Writers' Happy Hours Every Wednesday

Join us every Wednesday from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at a different location in Norfolk's Ghent for an informal get-together where area writers and Muse teachers, students, and friends enjoy conversation, camaraderie, and drinks. Come and join us! View the Happy Hour schedule.


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