This writing exercise is aimed at learning how to alter the style, tone, voice, sentence structure and all the other elements that go into telling a story so as to be able to tell the story more effectively. There are different ways to tell every story, some more effective than others. This exercise will help you determine which way of telling is the best for a given story and will help you learn how to manipulate the fictional elements to achieve the desired effect. It is also good for nailing down the character’s voice, determining which tense is best and for determining the best narrative style in which to tell the story.

Take a simple event: a woman walking alone through a park trips and almost falls. Embarrassed, she looks around to see who might have observed her. A man is smiling at her.

Describe this occurrence in five totally different ways (changes of tone, sentence structure, style, tense, voice (POV), etc.), but make sure you retain the same setting and characters in all the versions.

This exercise will be effective only if the five versions of this scene are completely different from each other.


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