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Write a Press Release… About Yourself

Write a descriptive media release about your works as if written by a third person? For instance, you might say:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John Doe enjoys crafting puns out of air. His writings turn ordinary events into extraordinarily witty commentaries on the foibles of human life.

Or perhaps you might describe yourself as:

Jane Doe's sensitivity comes across in her writings with starkness and sincerity. Whether writing poetry or political commentaries, Loni attacks the status quo and forces the reader to examine his or her own privately held beliefs.

The point of this exercise is to pin down (as much as you possibly can) just what makes you unique (i.e., what is it about your writings that would make them easy to "pick out" of a line-up?) You may even be surprised as you objectively illustrate your voice; often, we don't characterize ourselves and when we are forced to, we make fascinating and unexpected discoveries.


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