Today you will be three people--a 16-year-old girl addicted to her cell phone, texting, and her friends; a 35-year-old single dad of 2 children in the midst of picking up fast food on his way home from work for dinner; and a 75-year-old woman who's just finished with ball room dancing class and is on her way to her pilates class. Each of the yous witnesses a car accident.

You've been given the task to write out a police statement about what you saw. Everyone saw something (probably the same thing to make this exercise easier.)

In this exercise, you will create a unique voice for each of your characters that will be expressed through the way they speak, through the way they visualize life, and through the activities that occupy them.

As a challenge:

Write this in scene from the time just after the accident to the time just after the police officer takes everyone's statement.


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