Look at the picture above. What do you see? The barren trees. A person in a coat. The plants. Jot down a basic description, just surface details.

Now look beyond the surface details and really flesh the scene out. Look for signs of events in the past, or indications that things may happen in the near future. For example, the sky is cloudy. Has it just rained or snowed? Will it do either of these soon? Or perhaps it's just an overcast day. What's the temperature? What about in the trees themselves? This bit requires more creativity than just guessing the weather, since the picture above isn't clear enough to show all the signs. But dig a little--perhaps use your imagination--and you'll be able to find a lot worth writing about. What kind of animals might be in the area? Maybe there's a squirrel chattering in the trees, sending an alarm after being startled by the person.

How does the air smell? Is it fresh and crisp and clean, or does it have a dirty bitter scent that comes with pollution or a nearby paper mill? What about the scent of any mulch in the area? Do the park have any other smell?


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