Marilyn Barton

Marilyn Barton, RN, lives in Hampton, VA with her cat and husband, Gene Berger, a model ship builder and retired pilot. Their son, Carl, lives in San Francisco and works for the SF Fire Department as an EMT.

After graduating from Georgetown University, in 1980, Marilyn worked in hospitals over thirty-five years in a variety of settings: critical care, ER, research, education, and quality.

Marilyn's interest in writing began while she served on the editorial board of Riverside Health System's nursing magazine. Riverside published an annual magazine from 1986-2002 and then a coffee-table book in 2007, The Color of Their Eyes.

Retirement in 2016 freed Marilyn up to write realistic stories about nursing, to try to counterbalance the Hollywood versions often seen in the media.

"Dreamy Poppy Pink", a short story, appears in Pulse--voices from the heart of medicine for its September 2016 theme of Naked.

"A new nurse gets a crash course in compassion", a short story about sitting with a suicidal patient, was published in Kevin.MD and as in Pulse in October 2016.

"Holiday Night Shift”, a short story about staffing on the July 4th holiday, appears in Pulse for its November 2016 theme of The Middle of the Night.

She is a member of Hampton Roads Writers and The Muse Writers Center, in Norfolk, VA. She attends meetings with two local groups, Tidewater Writers and Virginia Beach Writers for readings, critiques, and encouragement.

For family legacy, Marilyn created a website about her father's service during WW II, Honoring My Family and the USS Kendall C. Campbell .

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