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Pick one of these first 6 abstract terms

1. Morning
2. Work
3. Art
4. Belief
5. Play
6. Evening

Using the following 6 item list, write 5 things about the term you picked above. For instance, what does morning taste like. Is it the slimy film on your teeth before you brush? Or is it the gritty freshness of your mouth after you brush? What about the crunchiness of an English muffin, with the greasiness of melted butter? What does morning taste like to you?

1. Taste:
2. Smell:
3. Touch:
4. Hearing:
5. Sight:
6. Motion/muscle

Now, pick one of the following 6 emotional states and apply it :

1. Hate
2. Fear
3. Guilt
4. Pride
5. Anticipation
6. Love
Now, think of a character. Apply all 6 emotional states to the term you picked from the first list and then think about that in terms of the character you've just thought of. For instance, let's use the term EVENING and the emotion GUILT. What would you write about your character who feels guilty about some aspect of an evening?

Now write one paragraph using several of the sensory involvements you thought of when you applied list one with list two. The character should be the person who experiences the emotional loading. Don't come right out and state the word from the first list or the emotional state from the third list. Instead, show it through skillful writing. For example, create a lyrical picture of the character, chomping through the cornflakes, slicing bananas and strawberries into a bowl, perhaps nicking a finger or two in the process, then inhaling the aroma of the meal, listening to the tiny white "pop" of creamy bubbles in the milk, swirling a spoon in a figure-eight until the coffee slops over the edge of the mug. Create a scene replete with sensory detail that will allow the reader to feel your abstract theme (list one), flavored with the emotional twist. (List 3)


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