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Writing Prompt for September 16, 2008

Follow the Recipe (1)

Write a story of fewer than 1,000 words that includes

  • at least one mix-up (a mistaken identity, a typo, a wrong word choice, a misunderstanding of some simple but important direction, etc.) with serious consequences.

  • For those who thrive with the additional challenge of a list of ingredients, try to include the following items in your flash:

    1. cremains
    2. Lawrence Ferlinghetti
    3. a dog
    4. a canoe
    5. a sacred relic

    If that's not enough, see if you can weave in the words from a third-grade child's spelling list:

  • bitter

  • physically

  • intrigued

  • recovering

  • determined

  • particularly

  • vicious

  • wandered

  • frightened

  • especially

  • loneliness


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