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PROMPT: Ridiculous

Ask yourself what's the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen. Can you turn that incident into an absorbing fictitious tale?

Perhaps you may think of a character who does ridiculous things. Like the guy who used a black marking pen on his face to hide his identity, then robbed a bank. Unfortunately, he used a permanent marker. This actually happened recently. What a ridiculous boo-boo.

Lots of speculative fiction tends to be absurd. Think of Dracula. What a ridiculous life he had. Had to prowl only after sundown. Had no reflection. Slept in a coffin. Couldn't expose himself to sunlight. Feared religious articles. Could shape-shift into various kinds of animals. Feasted on blood instead of pizza. That's quite ridiculous when you ponder such a messed-up character. And yet the world loves vampire stories, and will accept anything writers put on paper about vampires, no matter how ridiculous. Ever wonder why?

Can you write a tale of 1,000 words or less for this prompt? It not, try a vignette of at least 200 words. Vignettes can trigger ideas that lead to complete stories as well as novels. Vignettes can begin anywhere and end anywhere.


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