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PROMPT: Fragile

Perhaps the word makes you think of intricately painted egg shells.

Or maybe it makes you think of somebody whose emotions are so fragile that if a fly landed on their nose, they'd go bonkers and descend into a catatonic state.

We've all seen packages stamped with the word fragile. Do they ever make you wonder what's inside? Mabye you are about to wrap such a package to send to a loved one, or to somebody you despise.

The Reno yellow pages listed a company that specialized in delivering bouquets of dead flowers via messenger. I suppose the package would be marked fragile. Imagine what kind of reaction that cruelty would set off in the recipient.

Egos are fragile. Thin glassware is fragile. A six-tiered wedding cake is fragile. Newborn kittens are fragile.

Can you write a tale of 1,000 words or less for this prompt? It not, try a vignette of at least 200 words. Vignettes can trigger ideas that lead to complete stories as well as novels. Vignettes can begin anywhere and end anywhere.


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