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Use the sentence in the next paragraph as inspiration for a fully plotted FLASH of 500 words or less. Leave out every superflous description and character movement that isn't vital to the plot. As unappealing as this may be to you poets and novelist, do it anyway since flash requires the tightest of tight writing. If you can't come up with an entire story of 500 words or less, create a less-completely-plotted vignette of at least 200 words.

"Stay away from me!" he (she) yelled.

Who do you suppose this character is talking to? A robber? A zombie? A former lover? A figment of the imagination?

Remember: if you can't come up with a story, try a vignette. They are so easy to write. They can begin and end anywhere, which means your piece will be incomplete. However, you will have at least tried to write something in response to this prompt. This is, after all, an exercise site. So, time to exercise your ability to create a flash fiction tale of 1,000 words or less, or a vignette of at least 200 words. Many fascinating tales began as vignettes which were later expanded.


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