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Use the sentence in the next paragraph as inspiration for a fully plotted FLASH of 500 words or less. Leave out every superflous description and character movement that isn't vital to the plot. As unappealing as this may be to you poets and novelist, do it anyway since flash requires the tightest of tight writing. If you can't come up with an entire story of 500 words or less, create a less-completely-plotted vignette of at least 200 words.

"How cruel you are," he (she) said.

We don't have to travel too far to hear or read about cruelty these days. I wonder, however, if things are any different from the days of the Romans, when they decided to conquer the world. They said, "Jump," and you jumped, else you'd have one of those nasty short swords rammed into your gut. So, think a bit about cruelty and devise a story that'll have your reader raging against the nasty victimizer.


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