Use the following line as inspiration for a fully plotted FLASH of 500 words or less. Leave out every superflous description and character movement that isn't vital to the plot. As unappealing as this may be to you poets and novelist, do it anyway since flash requires the tightest of tight writing. If you can't come up with an entire story of 500 words or less, create a less-completely-plotted vignette of at least 200 words.

"Shhh. I hear something," she (or he) said.

To get you started, consider the following questions:

Who said this?

  • Why?

  • Where were the characters when this was said?

  • Does danger lurk nearby?

  • Is someone really out there?

  • Is it human?

  • Is it the charcter's dad with a shotgun?

  • Is an alien about to abduct somebody?

  • Is the moon full, causing some to become werewolves?

  • Did a lion just wander into a campsite?

  • Does the character suffer from an overactive imagination?

  • What is this character doing that makes him or her feel vulnerable?

  • A prompt such as this applies to any genre. Perhaps some of you will step out of the box and try a speculative fiction tale in response to this promt, meaning sci-fi, fantasy, or horror. Speculative fiction is the genre in highest demand by magazines and anthologies around the world.


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