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Donna Young

otherwise known in the publishing world as

donna young

"The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those that published it."

~Psalm 68:11

Her first published piece, a family memoir, was submitted by her dad to the Elk Historical Society and published in an extensive History of Elk River Communities Kanawha County, WV. Although she had enjoyed writing for years with the accolades of her family, she felt as though she was doing her dad a favor, and certainly never considered herself a writer. In 2000, she accepted a challenge to take writing seriously and joined writer's groups an attend writer's conferences trying to absorb, then apply the craft of writing.

In the presence of published writers, at one meeting, she became discouraged; immediately, she was reminded of the earlier memoir and that it had been published. Voilá, she became an instant published writer. Since then she has been asked to write stories and a parable for her church's monthly calendar, plus Bible studies for their women's retreat, and an article for an international ministry.

Honored, best defines the sense of delight in her new affiliation with Hampton Roads Writers, and she considers this a powerful step toward honing her writing skills.

Other Publishing Credits:
  • May 2013 -- Hampton Roads Monthly Christian Newspaper-- "Two for the Prayer of One: A mother's day testimony"

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