Here are your characters:
  • Avery, a 16-year old honor student who will, undoubtedly be her school's valedictorian when she graduates in 2 years. She plays tennis every day and loves to jog in her free time. Her figure is both lithe and willowy, but she's physically strong. A natural leader, she insists on controling most situations with her peers.

  • Jenna, a 36-year old, divorced mother of two pre-schoolers. She's well-read and quite intelligent. Her impulsivity has gotten her in trouble in the past when she was unable to keep herself from speaking her mind. She's at least fifty pounds overweight but is trying to lose weight.

  • Susan, a 56-year old, married woman. She writes bad poetry everyday and is working on an equally bad novel. Her appearance is of utmost importance to her. She choses clothing and accessories not necessarily because she likes them, but with an eye toward what others will think of her because of her choices. She has a slight tummy bulge but otherwise looks pretty good for her age.

  • Doris, a 76-year old widow gets up every morning at 5 AM to set to work on one of her various projects--watercolors, gourmet cooking, scultping, gardening, etc. Her hair is long and gray and flows loosely around her face and over her shoulders. Yellow, her favorite color, plays a large role in everything she does, wears, sees, thinks, is.

  • YOUR JOB WITH THIS EXERCISE, dress these women from head to toe. Put them in motion then, doing something appropriate for their personalities and ages. Create a short scene for each woman that showcases her character based on the details given above.

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