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The object of this exercise is to generate material and insights about a character. (Note: the fast pace and randomness of the questions help quiet the "censor.")

1. What is the character's name?

2. Where was the character born?

3. Does the character have a pet? If so, what is it?

4. What is the character's favorite snack?

5. What would the character wear to a wedding?

6. What is the character's favorite music?

7. What is the one possession that the character is most proud of?

8. What does the character do on Sunday morning?

9. What adjective best describes the feeling of the character's home?

10. How does the character get along with his/ her neighbors?

11. What does the character believe about God?

12. Describe the character's best friend.

13. What does the character do for a living?

14. Describe the character's hairstyle.

15. What jewlery does the character wear?

16. What is the character's biggest regret?

17. If the character could change one thing about his / her appearance, what would it be?

18. What does the character eat for lunch?

19. What is the one thing the character is procrastinating about?

20. What adverb best describes the way the character walks / moves?

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