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Create a story, sketch, poem, or something else about a woman whose favorite word is "ghastly." She used it too often and, at time, rather inappropriately. You might begin by making up the answers to the following questions about this person:

  • Age

  • Birthplace

  • Marital Status

  • Children, if any, and their ages

  • General Appearance

  • Living Arrangements (with whom, where, in what type of place)

  • Occupation

  • Degree of skill at occupation (beginner, expert, experienced but a bumbler, etc)

  • Character's feelings about his occupation

  • Family Background (ethnicity, siblings' and parents' names, social status, political affiliation, mental status, educational background, religion, habits, pet peeves, etc.)

  • AS A CHALLENGE, if the first piece you've created is either humorous or tragic, try revising it to take on the opposite tone.


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