Advanced Writers

Writers considering registering for Advanced Track workshops should fall within these guidelines:

  • Writers who’ve studied the craft for a long while, who’ve gotten requests for complete manuscripts with revisions from agents and editors, and possibly have made it to committee but are still receiving rejections. Their writing is strong, they’re ready for publication, editors and agents are watching them, but that elusive contract has not yet been offered. In the advanced workshops, they will learn the next step to publication as well as continue to strengthen their prose and publishing knowledge.

  • Writers who are traditionally published or recently contracted. They’re still struggling with balancing their life with their new writing career and trying not to be stressed while meeting deadlines. Their workshops might also cover organization, marketing, public relations and speaking, and the business side of writing.

  • Published authors with several books. While the main goal of these workshops is to learn about craft or marketing in a new or improved way, they also will be gathering places for these writers to network and exchange ideas.

  • While these workshops are specifically designed to benefit writers who fall within the guidelines of 'Advanced Writers,’ anyone will be admitted into an advanced workshop provided that they have done the required pre-reading and writing for that workshop; attendees must show the required printed package and work at the workshop door for admittance.

    Link to pre-reading materials for Dr. DeWitt Henry's Editing and Revision advanced workshop.

    Link to pre-reading materials for Dr. DeWitt Henry's Memoir advanced workshop.

    Link to pre-reading material for Vanessa Barger's First Chapter advanced workshop.

    Link to pre-reading material for Vanessa Barger's Myth and Quest advanced workshop.

    Link to pre-reading material for Renee Olander's 'Who Wears the Mask' Poetry advanced workshop.

    For Tim Seibles advanced class, the reading will focus on two chapters from BEST WORDS, BEST ORDER by Stephen Dobyns: “Metaphor and the Act of Authenticating Memory” and “The Traffic Between Two Worlds.” In addition to this, he recommends that students read as much of the book as they can and come prepared with a few questions beyond the two assigned chapters. Hyperlink to the book has been included for purchase from A used copy can be had for about $15 shipping included.

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