2019 Conference social

Friday, September 20, from 5 to to 6:30 PM
Salons F & G

Baskets for silent auction:

ITALIAN BASKET–Valued at $100
Trader Joe’s bag of $50 worth of Italian food products; new 1,000 piece puzzle of Italian city, Mediterranean Fresh: A compendium of one-plate salad meals and mix-and-match dressings by Joyce Goldstein; 2 pizza-slice-shaped trivets

Making a Literary Life—Advice for Writers and Other Dreamers by Carolyn See, 7 Days to a Positive Attitude—A One-Week Game Plan for Beginning the Journey Toward Brighter Days, In the Moment—Mindful Ways to Live Your Life Well, Color Sensations—Calming Designs of Nature to Color and Display, Art for Mindfulness—Geometric Patterns by Andy Paciorek, Prayer Starters in Times of Pain or Illness by Alaric Lewis, Pack of 36 Colored Pencils, 10-pack fine point markers, Writing Journal, Essenza Sandlewood Candle, Insight Meditation CDs—A Step-by-Step Course on How to Meditate, Gentle Yoga DVD—Strength, Balance, Flexibility

Wine and Cheese Basket—Valued at $85
Signed copy of Teardrops of the Innocent by Allie Marie, Wine/Cheese Multi-Tool, Cheese Slicer, Cheese Tag picks, Cheese dish and Mouse Spreader, Cheese Guide, Oak Leaf Moscato, Sargent Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon, Wine cork earrings, Cheese Crackers

Family Science Basket (Large)—Valued at $50
National Geographic Brain Games for 14+ and up, Brain Quest workbook for 4th grade, GeoSafari Pocket Scope, Science Art Fusion kit with 10 art/science activities—All about Rainbows, Science Art Fusion kit with 10 art/science activities—All about Crystals, Why?—Answers to Everyday Scientific Questions by Joel Levy, My Crazy Inventions Sketchbook by Andrew Rae & Lisa Regan

Family Science Basket (Small)Valued at $30
NASA Space patch, NASA Knapsack, Vivitar portable telescope with Tripod, National Geographic’s 100 places that Can Change Your Child’s Life by Keith Bellows, Planet Earth—Questions and Answers, Space—Questions and Answers

Space Basket—Valued at $120
Orion 70 mm GoScope with tripod and backpack, It’s About Time: From Calendars and Clocks to Moon Cycles and Light Years—A History by Liz Evers, What Star? by Brian Jones, Journey to the Stars DVD (narrated by Whoopi Goldberg), Solar System Lithograph set, Our Eye on the Sun—A guide to the Mission and Purpose of NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, Two NASA Posters

Merkai Studio Hair and Beauty Salon basket—Valued of $90
body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and Premier Dead Sea nail care kit

Literary and Writer Magazines—Valued at $50
The Louisville Review x3, Rattle x2, Dark Matter, The Lindenwood Review, Painted Paragraphs, A Few Spells, River Styx x2, The Shadow of Sirius, 18 back issues of The Writer

Assorted items: 3 rolls wrapping paper, 5 flat sheet papers, 3 sets wrap with ribbon &/or gift card, 10 assorted size various occasion gift bags, 3 pkgs. color tissue paper, 2 gift boxes, Assorted gift tags, small fabric gift bags, St. Patrick's Day stickers, Ribbons,
Christmas items: 7 gift bags, 1 pkg. tissue, 1 pkg. stick on tags, 5 plastic goody bags, 1 cookie tin, 2 paper ornament/gift cards, 12 gift card/money holders, 1 pkg. greeting cards, 2 large novelty Christmas house-shaped gift boxes. Wine bottle gift carrier

Individual items for silent auction:
Virginia Living Museum: two tickets, valued at $40

Norfolk Botanical Garden: Complimentary admission pass for one vehicle with up to 6 people, valued at $72

Murphy’s Grand Irish Restaurant: $25 gift certificate, valued at $25

Starbucks: $25 gift card, valued at $25

Route 58 Delicatessen: $25 gift card, valued at $25

Plaza Del Sol: one $25 gift certificates, valued at $25

Cobalt Grille: $40 gift certificate; valued at $40

Tupelo Honey: $25 gift card and a $24.99 Tupelo Honey cookbook, valued at 49.99

Brass Bell: $25 gift card, valued at $25

Roger Brown's Restaurant & Sport Bar: $25 gift card

The Bier Garden: $40 gift card

The Bier Garden: $25 gift card

Steinhilber’s: $50 gift card; valued at $50

Fresh Market: $50 gift card

The Muse Writers Center: $100 off class gift certificate, valued $100

The Muse Writers Center: ticket into Book Bash and VIP reception, valued at $125

Amazon.com: $50 gift certificate

Captain George’s: $50 gift card

Aldo’s Ristorante: $50 gift card

Walmart: Two $25 gift cards, valued at $50

Target: $25 gift card, valued at $25

Total Wine & More: certificate (#34568) for a wine tasting class for 20, valued at $500

Total Wine & More: certificate for a wine tasting class for 20, valued at $500

Virginia Opera at Harrison Opera house voucher for two tickets for the, valued at $100

Virginia Symphony Voucher for two tickets, valued $122

Virginia Symphony Voucher for two tickets, valued $122

Virginia Symphony Voucher for two tickets, valued $122

Virginia Symphony Voucher for two tickets, valued $122

Portsmouth Museums: four passes for all of the following--Children’s Museum, Naval Shipyard Museum, Lighthouse, Colored Community Library Museum, and Arts and Cultural Center; valued at $56

PUSH comedy theater: certificate for free Improv 101 class; valued at $210.00

PUSH comedy theater: certificate for free Sketch class; valued at $210.00

24-7 Fitness: Certificate for three Personal Training sessions (397 Little Neck Rd, Suite 100, Bldg 330, VB 23452), valued at $210

La Bella Ghent: two $25 gift cards, valued at $50

Bee and the Biscuit: $50 gift card and Bee and the Biscuit mug, valued at $55

Bee and the Biscuit: $30 Gift card, Tee shirt, Coffee mug, Bee and Biscuit coffee; valued at $55

Willow Tree: ‘Close to Me’ statue, valued at $38

Professionally framed Marilyn Monroe print, valued at $150

Ageless Beauty by Shelley: body kit containing 6.7 oz. tube of glycolic 15% body lotion, 7 oz. tube of firming retinol body lotion, 6.7 oz. tube of clarifying, brightening polish body lotion, valued at $100

Original Sin Arts: Mad Hatter’s tea party charm bracelet, valued at $20

The Norfolk Stationery Co. Inc.: Cross Pen, valued at $89

Sgt Peppers 50th Anniversary book, valued at $20

Framed canvas rose print, valued at $35

Teal hand-knitted scarf, valued at $25

Multi-colored hand-knitted scarf, valued at $25

The World of Ornament, 2-volume set, valued at $150

Compilation of gently-used books for writers (Strunk and White, Becoming Your Own Critique Partner by Walters/Toombs, Interactive Writers Handbook, by Darryl Wimberlay and Jon Samsel, QPB Dictionary of Difficult Words; collection valued at $25

Novel Creations: Romeo and Juliet leather wallet, valued at $48

Novel Creations: Edgar Allen Poe book purse with inside zippered change purse, book feet, and shoulder-length straps, valued at $76

Home Depot: Weber deluxe and premium Barbeque tool sets, Weber thermometer, Weber apron, valued at $80

Dr. Randy Ferrance: Handmade pen—Slimline ball point in blue pearl acrylic, valued at $40

Dr. Randy Ferrance: Handmade pen—Jr. Gentleman’s II roller ball, American oak, made from a recycled Jack Daniels barrel stave, valued at $65

Dr. Randy Ferrance: Handmade pen—Pluma gel roller made from Fig Koa, valued at $55

Rick Eley: Handmade Native American-Style Bamboo Flute, valued at $100

Surf Rider Restaurant: $25 Gift certificate, valued at $25

Plaza del Sol: one $25 gift cards, valued at $25

Plaza del Sol: one $25 gift cards, valued at $25

Luna Maya: one $25 gift certificate, valued at $25

Virginia Stage Company at Wells Theater: Certificate for 4 tickets to any Season 41 Production (September 2019 – June 2020), valued at approximately $135

O’Connor Brewing—Certificate for 2 tours/flights of 7 each; valued at $25

Ellen Rusnak—New sterling and diamond earrings, valued at $52

Painting Items--6 piece painters' set for semi-smooth to rough surfaces- tray, rollers and brush, 10 metal tray liners, 2 1/2" brush, Smooth surface rollers and tray, 3-pack smooth surface brushes, 4' by 15' drop cloth, 5' by 5' canvas drop cloth, 6-pack 9' by 12' plastic drop cloths, 5 rolls blue painter's tape, Window scraper plus extra blades, Putty knife, 14-in-1 painter's tool, Empty quart paint can and opener, Paint cup, 2 foam brushes, 5-gallon bucket; valued at $100

La HerraDura—$25 gift card, valued at $25

Asian Vase, valued at $25

Home Depot—Gardening stuff, McDonald’s Garden center—Bulbs—

Doug Boynton and Lauran Strait: autographed poster of Patricia Cornwell, hard back Unnatural Exposure by Patricia Cornwell, valued at $75

New Keurig Coffee Pot; valued at $100

Raffle Items:
1. Starbucks: $10 gift card, valued at $10

2. 3 Adult Coloring Books and colored pencils, valued at $25

3. The Muse Writers Center: $25 off one Muse Writers Center class or merchandise, valued at $25

4. Handmade Dog travel Tote and poop bag holder, Midori Bamba’s book, A Dog Lover, valued at $20

5. The Writer Magazine: 1-year subscription, valued at $20

6. Plaza Del Sol: $25 gift certificate, valued at $25

7. Hummingbird Macarons & Desserts: $15 gift card, valued at $15

8. Hummingbird Macarons & Desserts: $15 gift card, valued at $15

9. 3 Grammar Plates, valued at $15

10. Bartending Journal and Hemingway & Bailey’s Bartending Guide to Great American Writers, valued at $20

11. Cleaning up with dirty writing items: How to Read(Write) a dirty Story by Susie Bright, The Cunning Linguist by Richard Lederer, Beyond Heaving Bosoms by Sarah Wendell & Candy Tan, Mini broom and Dustpan, valued at $30

12. 40 issues of Writer’s Digest, valued at $40

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